Video Bytes Of The Week

In case you missed them, here are some of the videos I came across last week. What was your favorite video last week?

Driving With…Dita Von Teese

YouTube Preview Image

Pretty girl. Pretty cars. I love the whole 40's era too.


Shocking News Cast [ WARNING: PROFANITY ]

YouTube Preview Image

I can't believe this s#!* is still on the rise.


Dog Plays Dead To Avoid Bath

YouTube Preview Image

Some dogs don't mind getting a bath. This is not one of those dogs.


Google's Opt-Out Village

Google Opt Out Feature Lets Users Protect Privacy By Moving To Remote Village

We are all alone. No light. Hard to breath. Don't know how much longer I can go on.


Train – Shake Up Christmas – Coca-Cola Version

YouTube Preview Image

I'm having a really hard time getting in and staying in the Christmas spirit this year. This song and video helps a little and always makes me smile. :)

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