Where’s The Super Nanny When Ya Need Her?

Being a parent can be extremely frustrating when disciplining our kids. There's a fine line between discipline and child abuse. What's considered child abuse? How far can a parent go before it's "child abuse"?

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All You Need Is… All You Want Is…

I grew up with lots of hugs, but somewhere along the way, the amount of hugs have diminished. I'm not sure how or why this has happened, but it makes me sad. I guess everyone is afraid of invading the other persons personal space… or getting sued.

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Atypical Mom

One of my favorite bloggers, Jenny aka "The Bloggess" (don't even bother clicking on the link unless you have a sense of humor) was recently ranked among Babble's Top 50 Mom Blogger list this year. Babble was a site I'd never heard of until last week, so I had to go check it out. I spent the rest of the weekend reading all kinds of mommy blogs. What did I find? I found all these women who apparently have lives… or rather their kids have lives and they just blog about them. I also found, that in comparison, I must be the worst mom in the world. [Read more…]

I’m Pretty Sure My Doll Was Homicidal

When I was a kid, I used to wonder if my dolls came to life. I would imagine that they would have their little tea parties and trade stories about how much fun they had when I played with them… or plot their escape from the walls of my bedroom.   [Read more…]

Now He’s Bananas Too!

I try to pack Jacob's lunch for him every day. It makes me feel good and I'd like to think that it makes him feel good too and it's nice to know exactly what's going into his stomach. I also try to put in one whole fruit in his lunch box. The fruit of the week this week has been and is bananas.

When I went to pack his lunch Monday night, I decided I'd write a little message on the banana. I wrote something like "I hope you're first 'real' day of the 5th grade is going well" or something like that. Tuesday night, I decided to draw a smiley face on the banana and wrote "I'm bananas for you" on the banana. I thought it might be a little embarrassing if one of his friends saw it, but I also thought that my little bananas would make him smile. [Read more…]