I Got Your Wave Right Here

Broadway Bridge

So there's this guy. I pass him when I go over the bridge in the afternoon, on my way home. One day, I swear he waved at me. Ya know, how after a while, you just acknowledge someone's presence? That kind of a wave. Well, I waved back and thought it was kind of nice. The next day, I wave. He waves back.

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My Year In Facebook Status Updates – 2012


A little late, but gathering up my favorite or significant Facebook status updates and posting them here has become a thing for me. So much happened in 2012 for me and my family. It was a crazy year, full of surprises, great memories, as well as some not-so-great memories, but my family made it through just fine. For that, I'm grateful.

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Crap, what a day. I guess the cat's out of the bag. I've only been back at my old position for what – two months? Yeah.

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A Sinner’s Rambling Thoughts


It's always bugged me that some (for the record, I said 'some') of these self-proclaimed Christians never hang around long enough to save me from myself (or something like that), thereby proving – to me anyway – they're just another hypocrite. I mean aren't they supposed to be a "beacon" for people like me?

Wait. Did I just say bacon? Oh. No. That was just my stomach begging for food. Anyway…

Aren't "they" supposed to somehow rub off some of that good ole Christianity on me or something? Am I *so* bad of a human being – completely hopeless or are they afraid I'll rub off on them – and that's why they run off?

Oh, so what – I say the "Shit!" instead of "Snickerdoodle!" – Who the fuck cares? It's a word. It's not like I got up out of my chair and stabbed anyone or killed the dog.

I would think that as a "Christian" they would look at me or read something I've posted and think "Oh Lord, I pray for this poor child. She's a poopy-head and needs your help. – Amen".

This is also one of the biggest reasons I stopped going to church a long time ago – and I highly doubt I'll ever go back. So yeah. Hmmm… Maybe I am a lost cause.

I'm just sayin'


Image Attribution Some rights reserved by Keoni Cabral

Don’t Bully The Bus Monitor

The first time I watched the video, I thought to myself there is no way any of my kids would act in such a manner, but on second thought, I'm sure none of the parents of these kids raised them to act like that either.

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